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9 Soal Materi Sociolinguistics + Kunci Jawaban

Soal (Uraian) Sociolinguistics

1. What is the scope of sociolinguistics?

Sociolinguistics is the study of language and how it is affected by the social setting in which language is used. It has a broad scope in its examination of the many and diverse ways that language and society intersect. ... Sociolinguistics examines the interplay of society and language.

2. What is the relationship between linguistics and sociolinguistics?

Sociolinguistics is that branch of linguistics which studies just those properties of language and languages which require refer- ence to social, including contextual, factors in their explanation.

3. Is sociolinguistics part of Applied Linguistics?

Outside the field of education in the narrower sense, applied linguistics (and, more particularly, applied sociolinguistics) has an important part to play in what is called language planning—i.e., in advising governments, especially in recently created states, as to which language or dialect should be made the official

4. What is the difference between micro and macro sociolinguistics?

The main differences of them are micro-sociolinguistics or sociolinguistics –in narrow sense- is the study of language in relation to society, while macro-sociolinguistics or the sociology of language is the study of society in relation to language. ... The handbook of sociolinguistics.

5. What is sociolinguistics PDF?

Sociolinguistics is defined as the study of language in relation to. society whereas the sociology of language is defined as the study of. society in relation to language. The goals of sociolinguistics and. those of the sociology of language are different.

6. What are the basic concepts of sociolinguistics?

Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and context, on the way language is used, and society's effect on language. It differs from sociology of language, which focuses on the effect of language on society.

7. What is traditional sociolinguistics?

Traditional sociolinguistics is the study of the most common speech and writing patterns within a society.

8. Why is it important to learn sociolinguistic competence?

Most importantly, sociolinguistic competence also has a strong role in the way learners use the language they are learning to enrich the knowledge they possess. ... For this reason, as a conclusion, it is important to note that learning a language includes learning everything behind the language and beyond the grammar.

9. What is sociolinguistics expand upon its scope and areas of investigation?

Sociolinguistics is defined as: The study that is concerned with the relationship between language and the context in which it is used. In other words, it studies the relationship between language and society. It explains we people speak differently in different social contexts.